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President (Honorary)
Guillermo Castaneda
Teresa Tufano

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Recognizing that Latin America possesses a unique history and a rich diversity of cultures, Teresa Tufano founded the Latin American Folkloric Group in 1989 as a means of exposing the public to the wonders and diversity of Latin America through music, dance, and lectures about varied aspects of the region's cultures.

From its inception, The Latin American Folkloric Group has showcased Latin American cultures primarily through its musical and dance performances. These performances have taken place at varied ethnic festivals held in Baltimore and at special programs organized by hospitals, high schools, military bases, and private organizations located in Maryland, Washington DC, and Virginia.

About Us

We are a group of people from different nationalities and backgrounds whose purpose is to preserve ethenic traditions of Latin America for future generations by sharing and performing traditional song and dance.

The principal values that all the participants of the group have, are commitment, responsibility, dedication and the true desire to share with pride and honor what each culture is all about.

Dancers doing the La Cumbia Group
Group picture of 1999 cast

Guillermo Castaneda in the center of picture with part of the group during a presentation getting ready for the Millenium Era.

Teresa Tufano (Founder) and Guillermo Castaneda (President) brought The Latin-American Folkloric Group to the Millenium with a good image after giving hundreds of presentations in our community and surrounding areas.

The group has great expectations for this new year and kindly appreciates all the support from the Hispanic community. The group is also recuiting people that would like to share their culture in an artistic way with the community at large. For more information please contact Ms Pacheco at the numbers below.

The leaders of the group in the new millennium are:

Guillermo Castaneda
President (Honorary)

Some of the group's repertoire of dances include:

1. Colombia: Cumbia, Fandango, and Pollera Colora
2. Ecuador: San Juanito
3. Cuba: Yayabo, and Rumba
4. Peru: Festejo, Huayno, Waltz, and Marinera
5. Puerto Rico: Plena
6. Dominican Republic: Merengue
7. Chile: Cueca
8. Venezuela: Joropo


Founder of Fokloric Group

Teresa Tufano founder of The Latin-American Folkloric Group

Dancers performing the La Cumbia of Colombia

Dancers performing The Joropo from Venezuela.La Joropo

Dance costumes Vanessa showing a Rumba Costume from Puerto Rico.

Dancers performing "Mosaico de Ritmos Cubano  Mosaico dance


 Dancers performing The Waltz from Peru.

Dancers showing the Cumbia dress and steps  Zamanta


 A group picture before a performance.



Group performing at Veteran's hospital     


 Group and family members together before a presentation.


Dancers performing La Cumbia of Colombia

Dancers performing the Joropo from Venezuela

La Joropo
Dancers performing Mosaico de Ritmos Cubano

Mosaico dance
Dancers performing the Waltz from Peru

Fandango En Baltimore Festival 2009

Cumbia En Baltimore Festival 2009

Pollera Colora Baltimore Festival 2009

Black Peruvian Dance


  • Maryland Public Television
  • Baltimore Museum of Art
  • Seton Keough High School
  • Morgan State University
  • New Baltimore City Community College
  • Essex Community College
  • Towson University
  • Catonsville Community College
  • East Baltimore Latino Organization
  • Federation of Hispanic Organizations
  • Circulo Cuban de Maryland
  • Spanish-American Social Center
  • Spanish Fiesta
  • Towsontowne Festival
  • Baltimore City Fair
  • Baltimore Arts Festival - Art Scape 1992 & 2007
  • Columbia Mall Merchants Celebration
  • Montgomery Village Festival
  • Gaithersburg Festival
  • Piedmont United Way Virginia
  • University of Maryland Baltimore County
  • Social Security Administration Hispanic Heritage Month Celebrations
  • Department of Economic Employment and Development
  • Baltimore County Humanitarian and Community Services
  • Edgewood Heritage Celebration Week
  • University of Maryland College Park Carnival Celebration
  • Allstar Baseball Game Streetfest Celebration
  • Veterans Hospital